First of all, congratulations on your engagement! I’m so glad you’ve come to find Creative Focus Photography in your search for a wedding photographer. Having been a groom myself and photographed over 1500 weddings since my career started in 1993, I understand how important and valuable your wedding photographs are. I’m a husband and father first, so I can relate when every memory captured is so important, especially the beginning of your journey together.

As an avid athlete, I bring that energy and hustle to your day, to keep it fun, spontaneous, comfortable and stress-free. But most importantly, I want to create a connection with you that follows through into how I capture you as a couple.

When I’m not capturing a wedding, you’ll find me spending time with my family somewhere outdoors, feeding my athletic passion of rowing and obstacle course racing.   



Sometimes I’m a little undone at how far I’ve come as a photographer. As my skill has evolved throughout the past 1500 weddings, the quality has grown, my clients have memories they’ll never lose and the art has become a passion that far surpasses a “job.”



• I believe in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane - both physically and metaphorically!

• I believe in the importance of falling in love with my wife over and over, and in 'date nights', and making out in the back row of the movie theater!

• I believe in the existence of unconditional kindness even when Iʼm unable to see it or offer it.

• I believe in the power of micro-successes to transform people, even when theyʼre hidden within major failures.

• I believe all the best boxes in the world are those that are full of Enstrums toffee!

• I may or may not have spent $300 on a Montblanc pen at the Champs Elysées. I am equally as weak about pricey sunglasses.

• I designed my garage to be fancier than any room in my home. My cars love me, and my wife voluntarily parks on the driveway.

• I harvest (i.e. steal) coins from my wife and kids just so I can fill up the water jug full of change in my office.

• I am so picky, that I am forced to do my own laundry... So, I overbuy and horde socks and t-shirts, to avoid washing them.

• My wife physically forces me to watch Survivor and the Bachelor. Thatʼs my story and Iʼm sticking to it.


Everett Stout is a gifted photographer and we are so thankful he was part of our wedding day. He has a true vision that captures pictures full of emotion, love, and the beauty that went into every detail of your event. Everett met with us ahead of time to make sure that we were all on the same page and that he knew exactly what photos meant the most to us so that he could be sure that those took top priority. On the day of our wedding he was incredibly efficient and hard working so that he made the most of his time. He made it a seamless process for us and he blended in so that he we never really even noticed him capturing our special moments! Everett was able to take hundreds of pictures, in fact we had so many great ones it was hard to choose!

We were so pleased with him on our wedding day that during the event that when the agreed-upon time was up and he prepared to leave, we asked him to stay longer! He was flexible, more than willing to adjust the agreement, and continued to take great pictures for us throughout the rest of the night. We would highly recommend Everett Stout's services to any bride and groom on their wedding day. I guarantee that you will be in loving, caring, capable hands. He's gracious, thoughtful, and pays attention to the details. He is also very flexible and understanding- he knows how stressful a wedding can be and he does his best to walk you through it all. You can put your confidence and trust him in so that high quality pictures are one thing you WON'T have to worry about that day! Thank you, Everett!



-Cate and Ryan